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Music Is My Life
Let Go
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Mario Venezia Featured

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 Track Mario proves his versatility and shows that he knows to use his voice outside of the freestyle genre. After several colaborations with severeal producers Mario decides to work with the producer team mtst-entertainment this time.It is a unique skill for an artist to have to be able to cross from one genre to another with ease and still producing the same quality of music. House music in particular can be tricky as it incorporates lots of different genres of music and can often rely on strong vocals.With the use of a prominent bass drum on every beat, it requires a really powerful vocal in order that it's heard properly.

What makes Mario stand out from others is that he successfully made the transition from freestyle artist to house music. This does of course mean that you are likely to hear his music played in a wider of variety of places now, from restaurants to clubs, even on the radio when you are messing around at home playing or cooking dinner. Take a listen to Feel the music and see for your self just how good this music is. 


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release on Radium Records:

Music is my life (Single)

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