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Sunday, 29 April 2012 11:47


Grell is back with his new single EP "Dicke Schüssel"  

+ 2 previous unreleased and exclusive remix by

Dj Mes-FX and Daniel Hoeft .

Another chapter of the Grell releases and it is fresh and powerful again.

Cat.RR21070           release date:  14.05.2012


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Tuesday, 05 June 2012 13:29


Ernst Laut offers again a massive release – this time more minimal-techno derived and tricky built.
The Release features 4 exclusive and unreleased tracks.


Cat.RR21090           release date:  18.06.2012


  • 1. Dance Like You Don't Need Money
  • 2. Man Eats Girl (Girl Eats Man Edit)
  • 3. Man Eats Girl (Original)
  • 4. We Definitely Need To Learn Swing Dance


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Tuesday, 05 June 2012 12:45

Ernst Laut

Ernst Laut was born in 1984 in Germany and startet producing music at the age of 16.
After his first successful productions he was sure that electronic music was
going to be a permanent fixture in his life. when he turned in the studies for
engineering he became acquainted with a musican called "Grell" (Tentigo Records).
With this acquaint he developed his interests in serious productions. After
a while of inspirational collaboration he released his first EP "Death By Mono"
(FFM Records) in 2009. Today he and Grell are good friends and had a collaboration
release with "Acoma Mesa" (FFM Records).

In clubs he doesn't avoid to make music live. With his turning development to styles
like IDM and deep minimal sounds, he surprises the listener with a new dimension of
electronic music. Now he is working for a big liveset in collaboration with Grell.


resident advisor:


releases on Radium Records : "MAN EATS GIRL"


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Friday, 07 February 2014 12:10

we die whenever we live together

Closing an immensely successful year, Radium Records presents a stand out release from DJ Ernst Laut – ‘we die whenever we live together’.With underground minimal music thriving in Germany, a new breed of DJ is emerging, ready to enjoy and promote the flourishing scene’s popularity. Hailing from Germany, DJ Ernst Laut is one such DJ. His debut release on Radium Records, ‘MAN EATS GIRL’, was one of the highlights of ‘Germany Underground 2013’ and won his praise from the likes of… Now, DJ Ernst Laut has sights set even higher with her first artist release on the label.Masterfully produced, ‘we die whenever we live together’ is all about the deep and dark bassline that effortlessly intertwines with a classic vocal sample. Originally a massive Germany anthem, the vocal is transformed to cater for dark & deep dance floors. This track is sure to be the highlight of any peak time or afterhours set.


 ***EXCLUSIV RELEASE  DATE on BEATPORT : 25.04.2014***  


release date:  09.05.2014 (worldwide)    



1. John Doe 
2. We Die Whenever We Live Together
3. Jane Doe

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