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Music Is My Life
Let Go
Kraftwerk EP
Work It
Into the light

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About Radium Records

Radium Records was a Germany based independent sublabel of legendary No-Turn Records formed by  DJ QuickGold. It was established to release other music styles which did not fit into No-Turn music concept such as minimal techno and trance. But after some releases, DJ QuickGold realized that the establishing and the results of these subgenres need more attention and connections as planned. Therefore he was more driven by the realization of his Artego Festival.

Since 2009 Radium Records got his focus more on international progressive psytrance acts such as Wonderbra Trash, O-tex, Mardium, Genelec,Psytonlogie.

In August 2011 Radium Records’ 100% ownerships was transferred.

In September 2011 the Radium Records Labelgroup was established in Hamburg, Germany.

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